Opening hours

Please find the opening hours for the climbing gym and the fitness room.

Climbing Fitness
Monday 14h-16h (*) 16h-22h30 14h-22h30 (*)
Tuesday 14h-16h (*) 16h-22h30 8h30-11h30 14h-22h30 (*)
Wednesday 13h30-22h30 8h30-11h30 13h30-22h30
Thursday 14h-16h (*) 16h-22h30 8h30-11h30 14h-22h30 (*)
Friday 16h-22h30 8h30-11h30 16h-22h30
Saturday 10h-20h 10h-20h
Sunday 10h-20h 10h-20h
Public holidays 14h-22h30 week day holiday / 10h-20h week-end holiday
CLOSED January 1st, July 21st, August 15th, December 25th. We close at 18h on December 24th, and December 31st.

(*) We cannot always assure reception on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 14:00-16:00. Climbing and Fitness will have to be independent of our staff. This includes payment to enter the gym, and punching in your card (that can be made at 16/00). During these times, please note that you are responsible for your security and your material (we do not rent during these times.)

(**) We cannot assure the presence of a coach at all times! To find out when a coach will be present, please consult the “Coach presence” sheet at the info desk/reception of the gym. There is typically a coach between 17H – 20H during the week.

School holiday hours (not including summer)

We’re not always open during school holidays.
Please review our opening hours for these periods :

Climbing Fitness
Monday 14h-22h30 14h-22h30
Tuesday 14h-22h30 8h30-11h30 14h-22h30
Wednesday 14h-22h30 8h30-11h30 14h-22h30
Thursday 14h-22h30 8h30-11h30 14h-22h30
Friday 14h-22h30 8h30-11h30 14h-22h30
Saterday 10h-20h 10h-20h
Sunday 10h-20h 10h-20h